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Vision ERP

Proteus Vision is built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology and offers features and delivers beyond what traditional ERPs offer.   

Covering Sales, ProcurementFinance, Manufacturing  & Payroll HR process.

Vision’s pricing model offers flexible licensing and deployment options and is easily expanded for a growing organization. 


Designed for the Pharmaceutical and FMCG industry. Give your Sales team and ease to manage their daily routine, plan their activities, and effectively communicate with help of digital media.

Vision SFA modules include AI based reporting, eDetailing, Expense management, Survey and feedbacks, Learning tools , Sample management and a very comprehensive analytics.

Vision Assistant
Powered by AI

Always there to help you on your phone or desktop

Vision Assistant can answer your business queries and also help you complete your transactions by talking to it. Get your work done using spoken language rather than struggling with menus and codes.


Stop hunting for information and figures

Actionable Dashboards provide management with insightful infromation that they can act upon from the console. Analyse your data online, create pivot tables, charts and graphs without the need to open a spreadsheet.


Get your approvals and acceptances online 

A scalable and flexible workflow solution that ensures that work is getting done as per define process and defined time.Notifications on the app and email  help you to be on top of things to be completed.

Social Enterprise

A social app for your enterpise

Create groups, post market intelligence, share ideas, upload documents, presentation. Respond to posts. Communicate like social apps and still be in control of the content.

Geo Sense

Geo Sense  is a location based assitant that guides you and helps you to complete your tasks when you are in specified location. If you are your team mate are making a joint field call. Vision will sense that both of you are together with the client and will mark that visit as a joint field call.

Enriched UX

Vision improves its UX quotient 

Vision provides a consumer app based experience for it users. The intutive nature of the application makes it easier to use and easy to adapt.

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