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Simplicity is ultimate sophistication
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Successful Business are never simple, that is why we build Proteus Vision grounds up to encapsulate all complexity of your business process and present you with a simple and intuitive visual interface. Proteus Vision, a simplified ERP to address your complex business needs
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'Be on Cloud 9 with Proteus Vision'
Vision is hosted on a sophisticated Amazon Cloud and our team of experts continuously monitor for performance, availability and any adverse situation.
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Never hit a ceiling in the journey called success
Road to success is a continuous journey, wherever is your organisation is. It is always a work in progress. Business needs newer processes to be automated, different matrixes to monitor, different controls to be enabled all the time to cope with the changing dynamics. You do not need to buy/make add-on software or migrate to a more advanced software. Proteus Vision has application on demand, which lets you unlock additional components on the fly.
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Mobile computing is future NOW
Business is no more restricted to 4 walls. Proteus Vision is available with you all the time, in your mobile phone. You can perform all your important business task right when and where you need. Did we say important task? Yes, it lets you customise what is important for you and sends you alert only for things which are important. It values your work life balance. An intelligent, context and location aware native android and iOS app for your phone and tablet available on the App Stores.
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Finger tip is the new address of information
We understand you have more important things to do for your business than trying to hunt for information to run your business. That is why we built over 350 dashboards with drill down capability. We don't want to overload your finger tip, that is why we let you personalise what you want on your dashboard.
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Your personal assistant, a helping hand to you
With Vision ERP we brought the business computing interface from a laptop screen to a mobile device. We are among the 1st in the world to let you run your entire business management software from a 4 inch device. We are pushing the boundary further and built Vision Assistant so that you do not need a screen to perform routine business tasks. Yes you can use voice to not just get answers to your business question, but also perform many business tasks with voice command. Needless to say Chatbot feature is one of the many features of the Vision Assistant.
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Business data has grown big, some call it big data
Business data is not just the transaction and masters that you enter into your ERP system. Source data is originated from a pdf, word, excel or an image. So is the final result of a process. Getting a view to the source data along with the ERP data simplifies your decision making and controlling many fold. That is why we built in a big data management software to handle all such semi-structured and unstructured business data. Just drag your file inside Vision and it takes care of the rest.
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You sleep peacefully when you know your business data is secure
We know security of your data is utmost importance to you and your business. That is why we built Vision with highest grade material called standards, expertise, caution, inspection and blood n sweat. The result is a world class secure software, for your peace of mind.
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Workflow Engine
The business process flows through multiple desks in the organisation to fulfil a process. We put the process flow on steroids with a highly flexible and scalable workflow engine
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Seamless Integration
Vision seamlessly works to share information with external system with various integration methods.
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Compliance is no more an enabler
Gone are the time when businesses claim quality or regulatory compliance as an competitive advantage. It is a must for survival irrespective of scale and spread of operation. That is why we infused Vision with Compliance by design, so that everyone in the value chain of your business ecosystem, strictly follows best practices of compliance without compromising on speed of doing business.
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Team make a leader successful
We have seen that poster at many of your work places; which says "Together we are stronger than each one of us". We just transformed this poster into a digital reality in Vision, which enables you to work with your team as a real team.
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Most business communication happens on email
That is why we embedded the ERP inside the emailing solution to let you perform the business task right inside the context of the business communication. We are not jealous if you spend all your time with your email. Not just that from within the system it enables you to share system information with business partners.
We made countless such possibility to enhance your productivity and save time
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