Scales & Adapts to your Business

Vision ERP adapts, as your business expands. Be it more users, multiple locations, complex business process or new lines of business, Vision ERP can meet these challenges even after you outgrow from a “SMB” enterprise to a “Large Enterprise”, without investing or migrating to a new “Enterprise” solution.


Vision Productivity enhancers

Not your Traditional ERP

Not just an ERP solution, but a productivity enabler equipped with a number of tools that not only make the ERP solution more meaningful but organize, facilitate and monitor your business to give you a distinctive business advantage.

Enhanced UX

Vision interfaces are designed so that our users can do a lot without leaving a page. Navigations are intuitive with a host of user utilities like Dashboards Autosuggest, User filters, User Transaction tagging, Transaction comments,  transaction drill-downs and many more 

Process Trail

The process trail provides the genealogy of every transaction, all the associated transactions and their properties are visible in a single snapshot providing the users all the information in a single screen to act on . 

Automated Notifications

Email or Vision APP notification can be configured so that users are updated as events occur. Emails can also be sent to your customers and suppliers or other stake holders automatically on an event. 

Industry Builds

We understand that each industry has differences in how they work. We have created industry “builds”, which when invoked provide a customised, “native” feel to industry specific users.

Upload transactions

Have a large data to be entered in Vision. Create the data offline in a spread sheet ( Excel) and upload it. Vision ensures that all the validations are applied had these been manually entered. A versatile  tool providing an ease of use with the controls in place.

Background jobs

You have run a process in Vision that would take a few minutes to complete, there is no reason to stare at the screen and keep watching the status. Push the job in a background mode and continue working. You will be notified when the job gets done.

Extend the solution

Vision provides a number of standard api that facilitate easy integration with third party solutions like Ecommerce, Payment gateways, POS systems, Banking systems. Developers can extend Vision and make it more versatile for their business. 

ERP Core Modules


Mange your Distribution partners , Distributors, C&F agents, Stockist and Retailer
Automate operations between your partners
Define pricing rules and run Promotions
Manage and control Sales Returns
Build Credit controls
Define business rules for your sales divisions
Forecast and plan your sales and distribution
GST and e-waybill ready


Manage and control your procurement
Leverage the benefits of centralised Purchasing
Enquiry, Quotations ,Indent, Purchase orders
Define QC rules for incoming  material
Tightly integrated with Accounts Payable
GST Ready

Finance & Accounts

Multiple Financial Entity
Maintain location wise books
Accounts receivables
Fixed Assets
Costing and Budgeting
Granular segmentation of GL
Banking and reconciliation
Integration with ICICI Bank
Extensive Financial reporting and analysis


Industry Vertical Templates
Discrete and Process Manufacturing
Batch Manufacturing
Manufacturing planning
Master Production Schedule
Integrated QA and QC
Job Work
Process compliance

Payroll and HR

Payroll processing
Leave Management and approvals
PF, IT , ESIC and other statutory requirements
Employee onboarding
Employee life cycle
Employee self service portal
Loans and advances
Full and Final Settlement
Seamless integration with accounts

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