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Examples of business tasks
- Is my salary paid this month?
- Request for CL for today as I am not well.
- Email my salary slip of last month.
- What is my team attendance today?
- Is there any urgent workflow pending?
- What is my LTA balance?
- How much loan balance left?
- Where is my expense claim stuck up?
- Remind myboss to approve my Expense.
- Ask my team members to follow up on delayed payments.
- What is the stock of Product X at Warehouse4?
- What is the global balance of Sundry Creditors Local.
- What is outstanding of customer ABC?
- Month to date sales of my division.
- Create an urgent indent for item x 20 quantity.
An integral part of Vision Enterprise Business Management software but strong enough to stand alone and talk to your business data. It can be embedded on your application and work like an integral part of it.
It supports intent level user access control and contextual security.
For example
- Define list of users for each intent.
- Define user level wise intent access.
- Intent can inherit access control from parent application using API or SQL.
- Seamlessly inherits Vision user access control definition.
Failover and Adoptive Learning
When a user ask a question and Vision Assistant is unable to understand, it automatically failovers for a predefined subject matter expert to respond. There can be multiple failover channels such as email, SMS, push notifications based on the criticality of intent. User can also mark a response of an intent as not satisfactory with a reason to manually trigger a failover. When an intent fails to provide satisfactory solution to the user, the adoptive learning components activates and learns on how to handle the intent better.
Artificial intelligence enabled
Powered with NLP it can understand natural human language and service the requests of the user.
Google Assistant Integration
Works from right inside Google Assistant, it lets you use any google device to have a conversation with Vision. No need to use any app or site to use the assistant features.
Dynamic Template
Dynamic template with auto complete for complex parameter entry Sometime for an intent to complete the task a dynamic microform is easier, it generates a microform automatically based on the information required for the intent. The form enables auto complete and validation without any special configuration or coding.
Integration with email and SMS
Sometime a text response is not enough to service a business intent. Vision Assistant can complete such actions with email. When a confidential information is requested it may be serviced with a SMS on users mobile.
Every interaction the user has with assistant is logged and recorded for analytics.
We made countless such possibility to enhance your productivity and save time
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